School Information

Happy Winter!

Hope International Academy Okinawa teachers and staff wish everyone a happy winter and holiday season! Students around the school have been reading about famous samurai, researching and classifying living things, and exploring countries around the world! A Friendly reminder for important dates this week:
– 12/17 Mon (月) 〜 12/21 Fri (金) -三者面談があります。保護者、先生、生徒での面談で、授業前及び授業終了後に行われ、その間も通常通りの時間割になります。
Parent-teacher-student conferences held before and after academic hours. School will remain open for normal academic hours, and classes will run as usual.

– 12/21 Fri (金) – 半日登校日となります。午前中には授業が終わりますので、保護者の皆様は12時に生徒のお迎えをお願い致します。Half-day for students. Dismissal is at 12:00PM.

– 12/24 Mon (月) 〜 1/04 Fri (金) – 冬休みのため休校となります。School closed for Winter Break.


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